Who is Sullivan Schein?

Borne out of a need for savvy marketing and quick delivery of dental consumables, Sullivan Schein is a name to reckon with in the dental products and services sector. The company has a presence in several markets across the world, and their consumer base includes dental practices and laboratories, government and other health care establishments and veterinary clinics.

The Sullivan Schein Product Range

The company holds the distinction of being the largest distributor of health care products and services in major markets across the globe. Office-based health care practitioners who form the company’s core clientele are offered products and services through four groups, the Sullivan Schein Dental, Medical, International and Technology product lines. The dental and medical products category is further segregated into consumable dental products and equipment, medical products, large dental equipment, laboratory products and veterinary products.

Sullivan Schein Technology Products and Brands

The company also offers a range of technology products meant to simplify the day to day operations of a dental or health care service center. The technology products category is further segregated into two lines, software and related products which includes popular practice management software. The offerings of Sullivan Schein including products in all four categories are provided under various popular brand names such as Easy Dental, Dentrix, AVImark, ProRepair, Digital Dental Office and Henry Schein.

The History of the Company

The company was founded in 1932 by Henry Schein and his wife as a corner drugstore. 18 years down the line, the firm was offering medical supplies to doctors through mail order. However, the company grew in leaps and bounds once the founders discovered the thriving dental supplies market. The time was just right to make their foray into the sector since most dental professionals in New York were struggling with poor service and high product prices. Henry Schein was the first company to introduce the frequent buyers program in 1988.

Major Acquisitions

The company’s acquisition drive was fueled by the $200 million raised through its IPO and stock sales. By 1996, the firm had acquired as many as 40 local businesses which were catering to the dental, medical and veterinary supply markets. However, the company’s most notable acquisition was the third largest dental distribution firm in the US, Sullivan Dental Products. The merger led to the birth of Sullivan Schein, an establishment that quickly became the second largest distributor of dental products and equipment in the world.

Market Share of Sullivan Schein

The company enjoys an enviable 30 percent share of the US and Canadian dental distribution market which is valued at $4.4 billion. Sullivan Schein serves a record 75 percent of the 135,000 dental practices located in the United States and Canada and an additional 15,000 laboratories across the two countries. The international branch of the company has captured over nine percent of the Western European medical and dental supply market where the firm offers products to 170,000 customers across 14 countries.

Sullivan Schein has over 70 years of experience in dental products and equipment manufacture and marketing. The global centralized operating system enables the company to cater to the requirements of 425,000 clients in 125 countries. The organization also maintains a direct marketing program which sells a whopping 31 million products each year. As a result, it would be safe to suggest that an association with the company will certainly provide dental practices with exactly what they need and want.